Environmental Infection Control Consultants                       

Environmental Infection Control Consulting Services 

Facility Design:

    • special ventilation requirements including:

      • protective environments (PE) including bone marrow transplant and oncology transplant/oncology services

      • operating rooms and related support services

      • airborne infectious isolation (AII) rooms for tuberculosis, chicken pox, SARS

      • local exhaust controls for biological and chemical hazards  

    • commissioning for the special ventilation areas

    • water system design review


Construction Management:

    • ICRA development and implementation 

    • precautions for identified high risk areas

    • bid specification preparation and review

    • emergency planning related to construction projects including disruption of services

    • testing and measurements to evaluate environmental controls

    • commissioning of air systems including phasing

Environmental Sampling:

    • methods for water and air 

    • medical device sampling

    • appropriateness of surveillance sampling of the healthcare environment

    • anesthetic waste gas capture in surgical and dental settings


Legionella - Waterborne Pathogen Risk Management:

    • Outbreak Investigation

    • Risk Assessment of existing systems and programs

      • Potable Water

      • Cooling Towers

      • Ornamental Systems

      • Humidification

      • Clinical Systems

    • Risk Management Plan Development and implementation

      • Maintenance and operating procedures

      • Development of documentation program

      • Implementation of long term water quality (disinfection) controls

    • Mitigation of existing problems

      • Disinfection System design and selection to insure

        • Products are EPA approved

        • Program controls and automation to insure safe water for patients

        • Testing and Monitoring program as required by EPA and local authorities

        • Personnel are trained appropriately


Problem Solving Infection Control Issues:

    • water quality

      • drinking water

      • kidney dialysis

      • laboratory water

      • cooling tower

    • disinfection/sterilization

      • methods for special items

      • application of disinfectants & sanitizers to respective application

    • infection outbreak assistance

      • airborne fungal disease-Aspergillosis

      • operating room surgical wound

      • gram negative association with environmental sources



    • engineering control planning for infection control criteria

    • risk assessment to help focus respective precaution needs

    • construction management for infection control

    • hospital indoor air quality

    • latex sensitivity management



Litigation Support and Expert Witness