Sensible Strategies for                                  
Environmental Infection Control                       
in Healthcare Facilities                                  

Facility and Operations Personnel

Infection Control 

Facility Managers

Directors of Engineering

Maintenance Supervisors

Clinical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering 


Infection Control Professionals


Directors of Clinical Programs


Health and Safety Healthcare Contractors

Industrial Hygienists

Risk Managers

Safety Personnel

Environmental Services Personnel

Healthcare facility inspectors

Insurance Risk Managers

Occupational / Employee Health



General Contractors

Construction Contractors

Mechanical Contractor


Administration Project Teams

Healthcare Administrators

Administration and Operations

Physical Plant Administration

Infection Control Team

New Construction Team 

Renovation Team

"Very worthwhile, wonderful seminar, maybe the best I’ve attended. I used the information learned immediately on my project work.

      G. Scott Widdall, Architect

               Drasba Widdall Architects, Lititz, PA

If you are beginning a construction or renovation project we recommend your supplier contracts include a requirement for training in environmental infection control management.