Sensible Strategies for                                  
Environmental Infection Control                       
in Healthcare Facilities                                  

May 10th 

 Sensible Strategies for Environmental Infection Control
 in Healthcare Facilities

Seminar overview (PDF)

Environmental sources are responsible for approximately 5% of the estimated 100,000 annual deaths related to healthcare associated infections. These infections increase length of stay and needlessly waste billions of dollars each year in medical and insurance resources. 

Evolving guidelines and regulations targeted at reducing these infections can overwhelm organizations of all sizes.

This seminar series has been developed to help those involved in healthcare facility operation, design, renovation, maintenance, infection control and risk management.
This series will review root causes of environmental infections and focus on ...
.               Sensible Strategies for   Environmental Infection Control.

"Of all the seminars I have attended over the years this one was by far the most practical and useful."
Gerald Carter, Project Coordinator Turner Universal.


This seminar answers the question.......

How can you develop an effective environmental control program that meets budgetary constraints without compromising patient safety ?


"The Seminar is an excellent course. Not only can ICP's benefit, but facility managers, engineers, contractors and others can gain knowledge and information for significant risk identification and risk reduction. These are important issues that are too often overlooked until there is a problem."   
Emily Rhinehart, Infection Control Professional.


This workshop fee includes all workshop materials, refreshment breaks and lunch. Full details, including cost and additional information can be found on the registration web page. 
Please register early. Attendance is strictly limited to insure participants get the greatest benefit from the program
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