Sensible Strategies for                                  
Environmental Infection Control                       
in Healthcare Facilities                                  

Benefits of participating in this workshop: 


  • Attendees will gain insight during this innovative program that combines current information with practical applications.

  • This program is a must for integrating the new Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Healthcare Facilities into building operations and infection control risk management plans. 

  • Our accomplished faculty, with over 80 years combined work experience, will share their diverse knowledge and expertise to help you understand and incorporate these new recommendations with existing guidelines including ICRA and Environment of Care. 

Questions often asked of our faculty include: 


Where do we start?


What are concrete steps to take to insure compliance?


What should we do to implement these guidelines? 


How do we know if we have spent our resources wisely?


How can we document our actions?


When and what sampling is appropriate?


What types of instruments should I use to measure environmental parameters?


How can I get administration buy-in?


We are beginning a major construction (or renovation) project, how do we insure our ICRA is successful?


If you’ve had similar questions turn up you don’t want to miss this exceptional program.



We made immediate changes to our construction and maintenance practices. The best part of the seminar were the tools we took away regarding implementation of the new guidelines."

Laura Davenport, Infection Control Practitioner
Clarian Health Partners, Indianapolis, IN