Sensible Strategies for                                  
Environmental Infection Control                       
in Healthcare Facilities                                  

  Sensible Strategies for 
Environmental Infection Control
  in Healthcare Facilities 


ICRA Development

Planning from Concept
Infection Control Team
Focal Areas for Planning and Design
Roles and Responsibilities


Definition of Liability 
Impact of Environmental Infection Control Failures

Construction Best Practice

Statement of Condition
Internal versus External Precautions

Monitoring and Commissioning Activities

Infection Control
Construction Management
Environmental Sampling & Data Interpretation

Case Study
Emergency response

Planned and Emergency Outages
Water Damage Response
Mold Cleanup and Detection

Case Study Workshop 
Emerging Infections Disease Preparedness

Temporary Negative Pressure Isolation

"Very worthwhile, wonderful seminar, maybe the best I’ve attended. I used the information learned immediately on my project work. "

G. Scott Widdall, 
Drasba Widdall Architects